How To Remove Pet Stains Naturally (What Really Works!)

I own an adorable Pomapoo puppy. She’s as cute as can be and if she is five pounds soaking wet, that would be heavy. My point being, although potty trained, she has the bladder the size of a peanut. She has to tinkle a lot! I sometimes think she never stops peeing, ever! However, keeping this peanut sized badder in mind, we have accidents. Not many but we do have accidents! Did I also mention that I just put in new carpet. Oops, forgot to mention that, didn’t I? Well… Small bladder+accidents+ new carpet= Spot Clean up. I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals on my new carpet. Who would? After a bunch of nosing around the internet, I came up with this…stain05 stain02 stain03 stain04

Pour about a cup or two of club soda on the top of your pee stain. The amount you use is dependent on how big the stain is. Small dog amounted to one cup of club soda being poured on top of this particular stain. Hint: Rub the club soda into the carpet where the stain is located. You can get an idea of how big the stain was, because I took a picture of it. Yuck!

Preferably use a white rag or cloth to clean up all the excess club soda you just poured. Try to get as much as possible up so the area is just damp.

Next, sprinkle the pee/club soda poured area with baking soda. Oh, you gotta love baking soda for it’s million uses. Let the baking soda dry over the club soda. Wait 15 min up to one hour.stain06

After the club soda has dried, it’s time to vacuum the baking soda up off the carpet.

Woot Woot! Clean carpet with no stain and no odor!stain01