From A Shutter To An Utterly Awesome Storage Solution Using Krylon’s Chalky Spray Paint

storage01When Bitches do it. It is usually best. I laugh, but when I have an epiphany about a solution to a problem I  have to act on it lickedy split. As with many things, life has gotten away from my daughter and I. Lately we haven’t been blogging with the consistency that we should be but I absolutely had to share this one with y’all and fast. I was completely  giddy with the way it came out that I was bursting with excitement to share it with y’all.  What was so awesome with this project was two fold. For one thing, I was able to majorly re purpose something I had laying around the house. Secondly, it came out great and it serves an awesome purpose.storage04

I apologize for not having many before pictures but it didn’t occur to me to blog about this project until it was completed. Then I knew I had to blog about it because not sharing this project would have been criminal.

I used three new products that I found by Krylon. Krylon has come out with chalky spray paint, matte spray finish and spray wax.storage13 I decided I needed to try them out and a great way to do that was on this shutter. Why the shutter you ask? Well,  because shutters are down right hard to hand paint with a paint brush.storage05

I started  prepping the shutter by washing it down with a solution of water and TSP. I used a rag and thoroughly wiped down the shutter with the solution, getting all the nooks and crannies. Then I used the hose to hose down the shutter to get all the TSP solution off the shutter. I then let the shutter dry in the sun outside.

storage14Once the shutter were all dry it was time to spray paint using my newly bought chalky spray paint in the color of Waterfall. I picked up all the Chalky Finish spray paint  at Jo ann Fabrics. I set the shutter up on two saw horses outside on my lawn for the spraying process. (Please spray away from your house and cars or anywhere else that the over spray may hit.) Like I said I set up in the middle of my front lawn because I knew over spray would hit nothing but maybe grass. (I could defiantly live with Waterfall blue grass until the next cutting if I had to.)

The spraying part was easy. I just sprayed the paint going in the direction of down the shutter and then up the shutter making sure to get in between each row of wood space. The part that makes them shutters. Each direction got two coats of spray paint. I let the paint dry about fifteen minutes in between each coat. It was so hot out that five minutes probably would have been enough time to wait in between coats. After the last coat was applied I let them sit to dry over night.

After I let it sit overnight to dry, I sprayed the shutter down with the Krylon Matte Sealer.storage17 I again did two coats going up the shutter and two coats going down the shutter with the sealer, changing the direction after each coat. I let the coats dry about ten minutes between each coat.  The dry time will vary depending on where you live and the climate.

The dry time was quick. I could have left the shutter alone after spraying on the matte sealer but I always use wax on any piece of furniture I work on so I figured the shutter should be no different. I suggest waiting at least four hours before applying the spray wax.storage15

To be honest I was not a real big fan of the spray wax while I was spraying it on. I felt like it was coming out gummy and thick not to mention it looked like it was dulling the shutter. I sprayed the same 4 coats that I applied of the other sprays. I did two up the shutter and two down the shutter alternating the way I was spraying. I then let the entire shutter dry for twenty four hours before bringing it in the house to hang. Once the wax dried, I used a clean rag and shined up the shutter which brought back the luster and shine I thought I wasn’t going to get back.

After I hung the shutter in my craft office I added storage to it. I bought S hooks and wire baskets from Amazon to hang from it.storage06 I also added office binder clips. (The large one’s.) These work great for clipping paper’s to the shutter or for hanging stuff off of them.storage09 The most useful by far has been the S hooks you see to the left. I was able to hang the wire baskets by using them as well as hanging stuff from them like paint brushes.

storage08Here are some of the wire baskets I was able to hang from the shutter.storage07 You can see, if you look closely enough that I was able to use the baskets for my mixing sticks, screw driver, cutting knife and my stippling brush. In the picture to the right you can slightly see where I was able to use an S hook to hang my bigger screw driver. This shutter is able to hold many of my crafting essentials on the wall for a great way to see everything that I have on hand as well as ease of getting to what I need quickly.storage01storage05 This was a fun project and as you can see the shutter holds a ton of supplies. I am always adding more supplies to this shutter. I would suggest this project to anyone who needs storage. Not only can this be used in a craft room but it can be used in a garage, kitchen or office. Enjoy and here’s wishing you a happy project experience.