Creative Hose Hangout’s

Creative Ways To Hang Your Garden Hose

hose01Everyone who owns a house most definitely has a garden hose. There are the conventional ways to organize your hose outside or against the house. There is the bucket looking flower pot thing. A hose roll up (which in my opinion always breaks quickly after purchase). Then there are the brackets you attach to your house and roll your hose up around. (I do none of these things).

I wanted my hoses to be easy to access and look “cute” at the same time so I went looking for alternatives to hose hangouts.

I came up with a long pot hanging shepherds hook, a short shepherds hook and a flamingo metal garden art piece that I bought at Goodwill for $12.99.

I painted the flamingo hot pink for flair and wrapped the hose around the body of the flaming and put him facing at an angle so his face can be seen by walking past my house. It’s uber fun. He also has a place for a pot of flowers, so I added a pot full of greenery that will hopefully blossom into something beautiful to add extra special fun.hose02

The large shepherds hook is on the opposite side of my house which keeps it off the ground and is really easy to put the hose away because I just pick the hose up and plop it down on the hook.hose04

hose07The small shepherds hook is in my back yard and it holds my smaller hose and watering can. Again it is really easy to wrap the hose up around the hook and take no times at all.

What creative ways can you think of to organize your garden hose? I’d love to hear your ideas. Please feel free to share with all of us.

Thanks for being apart of bitches.

How To Paint An Upholstered Chair To Be Soft

From This
To This



Ugly is in the eye of the beholder I suppose, however ugly in my case means didn’t match anywhere in my house. Maybe not ugly so much as doesn’t match,  can’t be used so we need to spice it up. So what do I do I asked myself?  Well, if your me, then you already know that you paint everything and anything so why not an upholstered chair?chair05

I’ve recently done a ton of research about the subject. I found information on using acrylic paint, chalk paint, spray paint and fabric paint. With all these suggestions came cons to every one of the techniques. They are uncomfortable to sit on or the materials are really expensive to buy. The point is they all seem to have cons attached to the techniques used. I needed to be resourceful and crafty to make this particular project work.chair02chair04

Well, I think I did it. I came up with a way to combat all the cons to upholstery painting. I recently tried out my new technique on a Goodwill find. So if it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to I was only out $7.99, the price of the chair because I will always find uses for the other materials used. The chair I painted is soft and had a raised pattern to it, which is exactly what I was looking for in this project. Like I said the chair was cheap and the materials were not very expensive at all. Score!  The materials were also easy to come by and the product looks fantastic applied to the chair I believe. Judge for yourself.chair03

I used  a textile medium to help with keeping the chair soft and not scratchy when you sit in it. What I really think was the secret ingredient was silkscreen ink.chair12 I mean think about it. Silkscreen ink is made to be used on fabric and can be washed. Hence it should be soft when applied. Right?  I can’t remember ever wearing a t- shirt that has been silk-screened that was uncomfortable to wear. Have you?

The Actual Technique Used for Upholstered Soft Painted Chair

First I cleaned the chair very well. I vacuumed it taking care to get into the crevices very well. I then used a lint roller to make sure there was no hair pet or human left on the chair.chair06

Next a mixture of water and fabric softener were mixed up in a squirt bottle. I sprayed down the entire chair with the fabric softener mixture wetting it real well, then waited to let the chair dry very well. Using the fabric softener mixture was another step I used to ensure the softening of the fabric before I started applying the silkscreen mixture.

Time now to prepare my silkscreen mixture.chair10 The mixture consisted of silkscreen ink and textile medium. Mixing very well is very important in this step. You will want to mix two parts textile medium and one part silkscreen ink.chair11 I used black silkscreen ink I purchased from Amazon along with the textile medium.  About the only downfall to using this method is that your color palette is very limited I noticed. You can mix the silkscreen colors to get more color choices but yet your choices are still limited. I just wanted a plain black chair so my color choice was a no brainer.

Personally I suggest applying your mixture using a very good non shedding paint brush. I started in the corners and crevices in the seat cushion fold, then moved on to the the edges of the chairs completing all the edges before I went on to the body of the chair.chair09chair08

I went from the seat cushion, to the arms then to the front of the chair  then to the back of the chair. Really there is no right or wrong way to apply this mixture.chair15chair14 The first coat of course absorbed into the chair more then any other coat I did. As a matter of fact the first coat was the hardest but the second and third coats were a breeze. Yes, I painted on three coats total. To be honest three looks good but four would have looked amazing. I let the coats dry for two to four hours between coats, waiting the longest time after the first coat.

chair07After the silkscreen mixture was completely dry. I waited forty eight hours to be completely sure the chair was dry. It was time to re-stain the chair legs. I love, love, love gel stain. I used Minwax this time because I had it on hand. I believe Minwax has discontinued this line but General Finishes makes a great gel stain line. I just purchased General Finishes gel stain in onyx and I can’t wait to refinish my banister with it.  Off topic but the point of gel stain is that it works like chalk paint. You don’t have to strip the wood you use this product right over the existing stain. Bonus!chair19

Gel stain is oil based so it doesn’t clean up with soap and water so I use a throw away sponge to apply the stain, then I throw away the sponge! It’s easy to use so just paint it on and let it dry. I painted the legs. Let them dry. Then, Bam! Beautifully painted project chair can be checked off as complete.chair21