Art For A Chanel Theme Bedroom on The Cheap

Re-Cap On Our Rad Chanel Themed Bedroom Re-Do

A few weeks ago we started to redecorate my teen daughter’s bedroom to the theme of Chanel. We recently had a posting on a vase that we hand made to match the bedroom. Currently we are busy painting the bedroom a beautiful lavender grey. Picture’s will follow soon.

Chanel Inspired Art Work

coco01This was truly the easiest art project ever. I went to the Dollar store to obtain my frames. I am after all on an enormous budget on this entire bedroom re-do. I found these silver frames with black accents. Perfect for a Chanel inspired room. I bought the frames in the two most common sizes. 8X10’s and 5X7’s. coco11My idea was to print out famous quotes by Coco Chanel on my printer in black and white and to frame them.coco03 I wanted a few to be just the quotes themselves and a few to be the quotes along with Coco Chanel’s image as well.

The final Product

coco07I was very pleased with the final product. I ended up with a collage of what I thought might look cheap but really looks quite elegant together. I can’t wait to get them on the wall. Since we are painting they aren’t on the wall yet but rest assured I will to a follow up to show you them on the lavender grey wall.

Increase Your Kitchen Storage With This Five Minute Project

Getting It Done

blog10I love to organize and re-organize my kitchen every chance I get. I am always thinking, “there has to be a better, more efficient way to store all this crap”. Every cabinet is overflowing with stuff and counter tops, well, don’t get me started on counter tops. I could use an entire post on counter tops alone. I am guessing you could to. Don’t get me wrong. My kitchen stays relatively clean, I just can’t find anything.

Counter Space Help

blog01This project isn’t brain surgery nor will it be your ah ha moment but it might just help you cook smarter and give you a tad more counter space to use in the kitchen.

Let The Games Begin

blog05The hardest part of this project was finding a heat proof organizational platter of sorts that could sit safely on the stove top and take the heat.  It also needed to be the correct size to sit over two of the burners on my stove top. Boy, did I get lucky. I was dropping off some donations at my neighborhood Goodwill and decided to go in.blog07 I shop resale stores all the time. I love resale stores over any other store. Let me tell you though about the sticker shock I got at my local Goodwill. Yes, sticker shock at Goodwill. I mean the items are donated for goodness sake. I know they have overhead but wow! They should be ashamed of themselves. I have to rethink shopping there again. Salvation Army, here I come.

Thank you for listening to my rant.

blog09I did however find a stainless steel pan that would fit over my burners perfectly. It was .99 cents but only because I talked the lady behind the counter to lower the price. It was the perfect piece though, so it came home with me.


The piece I decided to use was a metal baking pan. Yes, the pan could be used as is but it was beat up and didn’t match my kitchen. So. Spray paint time. I love to spray paint. In this case I used black, specially for high heat. You have to use a specialty paint for high heat because you are using the pan next to a very hot surface. WARNING! DO NOT USE THIS PAN TO COOK ON OR TO PUT ON A FLAME OR IN THE OVEN!

I took the pan outside and sprayed both sides and waited until it dried. After the sheet dried it was ready to be used.

The Final Product

blog11The pan can be used on the stove on top of the two burners on the stove top. I place ingredients I am going to need to cook with on the pan so they are all right there organized in arms reach when needed.

Aside from cooking ingredients, you can use it to hold utensils or anything really that needs storage. I am so pleased that I decided to take on this little project because the extra counter space really comes in handy!

An Easy Trick to Make Your Closet’s and Drawer’s Smell Divine

Gather Your Supplies

sache01This is literally a five minute project if you have all your supplies on the ready. A few of your supplies might need to be ordered and a few might need to be procured at your local store. The key is having everything on hand when you start this project to make it a quick project with awesome results. You will need:sache06sache05

  • An empty bottle to mix your ingredients
  • Unscented Epsom salts of any brand purchased at any store
  • Aromatherapy scented laundry crystals in your laundry aisle
  • Empty sachet organza bag or an empty burlap sack of 4X6 or smaller
Assembling Your Sachet

sache07Mix equal parts Epsom salts and scented laundry crystals. Then mix, mix and mix. Once the two ingredients are mixed take a second to smell how wonderful the mixture you just made is. It’s intoxicating, right? Pour 1/2 to 3/4 of the mixture into your burlap or sachet bag. Tie it off. TaDa! You just made the essence of what the closets in your house will smell like.sache11

Where can These be Used

sache13I use these wonderful smelling sachet’s in closet’s, drawer’s, under the bed and in the bathroom. My house always smells deliciously wonderful the minute you walk in. Trust me. These will change the way you look at smells. sache12

Chanel Accent Bedroom Project on a Budget

Easy to Complete Projects for Our Chanel Bedroom Re-Do

If you have been following along, then you know I am re-decorating my daughter’s bedroom to transform it into a Chanel paradise for her. I was going to paint this weekend but I got just to lazy to paint.  The painting will have to happen another time. I am currently working on easy budget friendly projects to help add some Chanel-like decor to her bedroom up-do.

Flower’s and Vase

vase18I started  compiling a list of Chanel type decor that would go in this bedroom. Since I am on a budget of no more than $125.00,  I have to be very very careful where my money gets spent. Hence, the cheaper the better. I am going to show you a very inexpensive project I have been working on that will go into the final bedroom as an accessory for the desk or dresser.

Chanel Budget Project to Help Enhance the Room

This was an easy project  I was able to complete in an hour. This was  including the drying time of the paint. I apologize for forgetting to take a picture of the can/vase I was using for this project before I began.vase05 It was hot pink when I started as you can see from the inside of the vase. It is a tin can that I am using as a vase. My daughter’s accent colors besides black and white is lilac or a  light purple. I mixed a very deep purple that I had on hand with grey. Both paints on hand, I achieved this beautiful lilac color by mixing the two colors. I used two different chalk paints,  so no prep work was needed before I painted the lilac onto the hot pink tin. vase03I applied three coats. After the first two coats of the chalk paint I used a steel wool pad and lightly sanded the tin  so it would have a smooth surface. I then applied one last coat and then a clear protective wax for durability.vase06 I felt wax was a good enough protective coating  for the paint since it was just going to be sitting on a desk or shelf.

After I applied the clear wax that I purchased at Joann fabric awhile ago, I waited over night for the wax to cure to make sure the coating stayed durable.

I  purchased a black sparkle banding in the wedding section of Hobby Lobby at 50% off. It was $2.50 for the roll with plenty of the roll left  for other projects.vase07 I was using the banding to wrap a few pieces around the vase to add a little panache. I used a small hot glue gun to adhere the banding to the vase. I decided two bands would contain just enough flair for this Chanel inspired bedroom. As you can see from the picture below I had my banding ready to go and cut to size before I plugged in my hot glue gun. I was very carefully and used the hot glue to place the band around the vase.

vase10After the bands were placed around the vase, I needed to go to work on the flower bundle I purchased in the wedding department as well at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. vase13The flower puff was $5.00 with the discount. I decided that the flower puff also needed a little flair. I had tiny rhinestones already in the house.  I knew it would look more fun to add them to the petals for extra sparkle. It would add to the sparkle fun.vase12 When I think of Chanel I think of elegance and sparkle goodness. Elegance and fun=Chanel. I placed the flower puff inside the  vase so only the petals that were going to show, were, well, showing. This way I only needed to  add rhinestones to where you would be able to see the petals. I put a dab of glue about the size of the tip of a pin head onto the petal and then used a tweezers to add the rhinestones.vase17 I suggest using Adhesive Tech glue for such precise projects. This glue is great for design work on paper and fabric as only a very fine line of glue comes out of the bottle every time. It can be found at Walmart for around $2.00, if you need to find it.

vase15After I added the rhinestones to the petals, I placed the flower puff into the vase. There we have it. A Chanel looking vase that matches our bedroom color’s on a budget.

Material’s Listing with Cost

Metal tin bought at Hobby Lobby for $2.40

Lilac and grey chalk paint was on hand and free

The black banding was 50% off and was a cost of $2.50

Flower puff bought also at Hobby Lobby in the wedding section at 50% off was the most expensive piece at $5.00

Rhinestones were on hand so basically free

Also on hand was the hot glue and glue gun as well as the wax that was used during this project. The total cost for the matching Chanel bedroom accessory was $9.90 and took less then an hour not counting letting the wax cure overnight.


What Chanel inspired bedroom projects can you dream up on a budget? I can’t wait to hear.