Art For A Chanel Theme Bedroom on The Cheap

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Re-Cap On Our Rad Chanel Themed Bedroom Re-Do

A few weeks ago we started to redecorate my teen daughter’s bedroom to the theme of Chanel. We recently had a posting on a vase that we hand made to match the bedroom. Currently we are busy painting the bedroom a beautiful lavender grey. Picture’s will follow soon.

Chanel Inspired Art Work

coco01This was truly the easiest art project ever. I went to the Dollar store to obtain my frames. I am after all on an enormous budget on this entire bedroom re-do. I found these silver frames with black accents. Perfect for a Chanel inspired room. I bought the frames in the two most common sizes. 8X10’s and 5X7’s. coco11My idea was to print out famous quotes by Coco Chanel on my printer in black and white and to frame them.coco03 I wanted a few to be just the quotes themselves and a few to be the quotes along with Coco Chanel’s image as well.

The final Product

coco07I was very pleased with the final product. I ended up with a collage of what I thought might look cheap but really looks quite elegant together. I can’t wait to get them on the wall. Since we are painting they aren’t on the wall yet but rest assured I will to a follow up to show you them on the lavender grey wall.

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