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Art For A Chanel Theme Bedroom on The Cheap

Re-Cap On Our Rad Chanel Themed Bedroom Re-Do

A few weeks ago we started to redecorate my teen daughter’s bedroom to the theme of Chanel. We recently had a posting on a vase that we hand made to match the bedroom. Currently we are busy painting the bedroom a beautiful lavender grey. Picture’s will follow soon.

Chanel Inspired Art Work

coco01This was truly the easiest art project ever. I went to the Dollar store to obtain my frames. I am after all on an enormous budget on this entire bedroom re-do. I found these silver frames with black accents. Perfect for a Chanel inspired room. I bought the frames in the two most common sizes. 8X10’s and 5X7’s. coco11My idea was to print out famous quotes by Coco Chanel on my printer in black and white and to frame them.coco03 I wanted a few to be just the quotes themselves and a few to be the quotes along with Coco Chanel’s image as well.

The final Product

coco07I was very pleased with the final product. I ended up with a collage of what I thought might look cheap but really looks quite elegant together. I can’t wait to get them on the wall. Since we are painting they aren’t on the wall yet but rest assured I will to a follow up to show you them on the lavender grey wall.

Invigorating A Wreath Into A Christmas Wreath

wreath08We all know that a fun part of Christmas is putting a wreath up on the front door. It is in my house, at least. We all also know that wreaths can be very expensive, so why not get a longer use out of it. I realized that I can buy a wreath in the Fall, and with a few quick changes make it appropriate for the Christmas season as well.wreath04
I paid $7.00 for a Fall type wreath at one of my favorite stores, Tuesday Morning. As you can see, it was a great Fall wreath the way it was. But… It needed a pick me up for the Christmas season.
All it took to magically change this wreath was a few ornaments I had on hand already.wreath07 I pulled the main pumpkin off the original wreath using a wire cutter. I replaced the pumpkin with a bundle of ornaments I glued together using a hot glue gun.
There were gold hues running through the wreath so I used gold ornaments with an accent brown color strategically placed around the wreath. wreath12
The funny thing about creating a Christmas wreath, is that all you need to make a boring Fall wreath fun is a little glitter and bright colors to accent the piece.
I finished gluing a few more ornaments on the wreath spread about the wreath and Waa Laa it was ready for my Christmas door.wreath11
The entire project took me about 10 minutes to complete the new look.
Keep an eye out for my next  up cycled  round Christmas wreath.


Creative Hose Hangout’s

Creative Ways To Hang Your Garden Hose

hose01Everyone who owns a house most definitely has a garden hose. There are the conventional ways to organize your hose outside or against the house. There is the bucket looking flower pot thing. A hose roll up (which in my opinion always breaks quickly after purchase). Then there are the brackets you attach to your house and roll your hose up around. (I do none of these things).

I wanted my hoses to be easy to access and look “cute” at the same time so I went looking for alternatives to hose hangouts.

I came up with a long pot hanging shepherds hook, a short shepherds hook and a flamingo metal garden art piece that I bought at Goodwill for $12.99.

I painted the flamingo hot pink for flair and wrapped the hose around the body of the flaming and put him facing at an angle so his face can be seen by walking past my house. It’s uber fun. He also has a place for a pot of flowers, so I added a pot full of greenery that will hopefully blossom into something beautiful to add extra special fun.hose02

The large shepherds hook is on the opposite side of my house which keeps it off the ground and is really easy to put the hose away because I just pick the hose up and plop it down on the hook.hose04

hose07The small shepherds hook is in my back yard and it holds my smaller hose and watering can. Again it is really easy to wrap the hose up around the hook and take no times at all.

What creative ways can you think of to organize your garden hose? I’d love to hear your ideas. Please feel free to share with all of us.

Thanks for being apart of bitches.

How To Make Cheap Drawer Pulls To Match Anything

knobs11I was walking through Lowe’s one day looking for inspiration. I love walking through Lowe’s to spark an idea for a new craft idea. Anyway, I was walking down the knob aisle when I spotted a two pack of wood knobs for $1.57.knobs05 Not only are the knobs only $1.57, I can make them to match any piece or anything I need them to match. Yipee!

knobs08I always start with a base coat on the knobs. I always use black. Black is my go to color for anything I paint that needs a coat. That way if any of the original surface is seen through then the black still matches the coloring no matter what I use.

After I pick my color combination, it’s time to paint. I like to stick to three colors but sometimes four works well also.knobs07 You have to control how much paint you apply to the knobs to start because they don’t need much paint at all. If you apply to much paint the knobs can come out looking muddy. We want crisp coloring.

knobs12I use a small paint brush to maneuver the paint around the knob. I use small dabbing motion to slightly let the color’s touch and blend.knobs02

After you like the pattern you have on your knob, let it dry. It should take about ten minutes for the paint to dry on the knob.

I like to make the knobs look glossy. In order to complete the glossy look I use a product called Triple Thick. You can purchase Triple Thick at any craft venue.

I apply a coat of Triple Thick using a small paintbrush loaded with the triple thick on the paintbrush.knobs10 Using even strokes apply the product. Make sure not to overwork the triple thick. It will level itself out. Give the triple thick a chance to dry and apply another coat. Apply up to three to four coats for best outcome.

Good Luckknobs11

Side Table Transformation Using Unicorn Spit

spit05I was trolling the internet for new painting techniques and I came across a product I absolutely fell in love with. It is Unicorn Spit gel glaze and stain in one. It is so easy to use and has amazingly different and  fun results every time you use it.unicorn12

I decided to use Unicorn Spit on an end table for my inaugural piece. It was an older piece that had good bones but many scrapes and bumps. To be honest I figured since the side table was so badly beat up I had nothing to loose by trying the Unicorn Spit on this particular piece.

I wanted to complete the top of the table first before I dove into the body. I really wanted the top and drawer to stand out. I think I adequately accomplished that.unicorn11

I started by painting the table top in Velvet Finishes furniture paint in the color of  Rococo.unicorn07 ( I will review Velvet Finishes in another blog post.) It took three coats to cover the top of the side table. I was able to paint pretty quickly because the Velvet Finishes dried very quickly between coats. HINT: (Between coats, cover your paint brush without washing it, in aluminum foil and put it in the refrigerator. This will keep it moist until the next coat of paint needs to be added.) The paint dried completely and it was time to apply our Unicorn Spit. Oh, the joy! I couldn’t wait.

Now came the fun part. I was going to use this piece in my bedroom next to a red chair and I wanted to use muted colors. I ended up using Weathered Daydream, Squirrel and Tucson. unicorn02The application process was the best part, aside from the finished product itself.

Using the product was like finger painting for adults. Here’s the application process I used.

I took a squirt bottle I bought at Lowe’s and filled it with water. I completely sprayed down the table top. Once the top was adequately wet it was time to apply the Spit. I wanted to go for something easy so I didn’t pick a pattern per se. I just randomly squirt out each color on the table top in no order what so ever. The bottles come in a squirt bottle form so it made it very easy to apply the product.spit10

After the product was on the table top it was time to spray more water over this really cool gel glaze. The water is what activates this product. (It’s so easy to use that if you don’t like the way your piece is coming out then just spray some water and wipe away the product and start over.) Just to be clear. I first sprayed the table top with water before I applied the product, applied the product, then applied more water over the gel stain. I know lots of water usage going on here.

Now comes the adult finger painting part. Manipulate the paint with your fingers until you have the pattern you like. You can add as many or as few colors as you like. I used just three colors for my project. I literally used my fingers to manipulate the paint around the table. I was happy with my pattern after only a few minutes so I was ready for the next step.unicorn13

Make sure to spray a little more water on top of your gel stain if it looks like it’s drying out. Next, take a piece of plastic(I bought drop cloth painters plastic at Lowes.) You are going to carefully place the plastic over the top of your piece all at one time. Recruit help for this part if you have a big piece. The air will suck out from the bottom of the plastic as you lay it down. Please be careful to not get any air bubbles.   Carefully patting down the air bubble or lifting the plastic slightly will take care of the problem.

After the plastic is in place, spray more water over the plastic. This makes it easier for you to slide whatever tool you are going to use over it. I used a sanding block without the sandpaper on it. I lightly patted down over my plastic. The paint spreads and makes a wild pattern depending on what technique you use. (I used a random pattern technique.)

Time to lift our plastic off the top of the table. This needs to be done in one motion. I grabbed all four corners and pulled in an upward motion until the plastic was lifted off the top.

Now you can sit back and admire your newly transformed piece. All there is left to do at this point is let the top dry. You can use a hairdryer to get it to dry faster, but I just let it dry naturally.

spit09 spit05After the top was dry,  I used tung oil to protect the piece from wear and tear. I applied the oil by pouring a little on a paper plate. I used a sponge brush and going in one direction applied the oil. I let the tung oil curate overnight. It dried to a clear hard coating thus protecting the table top.

I used Valspar Antiquing Glaze in the color of Moose Mousse for the body of the side table. It is a glaze that can be used over an old varnish. It took about three coats to  obtain the deep color I wanted. It was easy to use and a bonus soap and water clean up. I didn’t need any protective coating on the body.

spit04The last remaining element to this project was the drawer. I decided to use Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk chalk paint on the drawer. It took two coats and no prep work. I used a antiquing brown wax over the Emperor’s Silk to deepen the color.spit02I lightly dipped my wax brush into the dark wax and with a delicate hand applied the wax using a vertical motion. I went over the dark wax with my brush several times. I put a clear coat of wax on first to protect the drawer as well as to make it easier to apply the dark wax. (Always use a clear wax before using any colored wax for easy application.)spit08

I waited until the next morning to add the hardware. There you have it. Amazing Unicorn Spit side table! This beautiful side table is now sitting in my bedroom next to it’s mate, the red chair!



My Daughter’s Awesome Chalk Painted Night Stand

nightstand01I wanted to share an amazing piece that I recently up-cycled for my daughter’s bedroom. I really didn’t plan on adding this piece to my blog but I am so in love with the outcome, I just had to. So here it is. An old fashioned night stand turned modern masterpiece. My daughter loves it and I hope you enjoy it also.

I painted this using chalk paint. I then used a clear coat of wax over the top of the piece. I ordered the knobs online to give it more of a modern look.

My daughter doesn’t like the distressed look so we left it painted in just a two tone clear crisp look. No dark wax was used on this piece.

For full chalk paint instructions, please see my post on chalk paining furniture.

Cheap Way To Clean Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Brushes on The Cheap

To clean your makeup brushes quickly and cheaply, instead of buying those costly makeup mats made just for cleaning brushes, buy a textured silicon trivet, like this one.make01 It is indented with a honeycomb pattern and just washes clean with soap and water after  cleaning the brushes. The trivet is anti bacterial and it’s really easy to store as it bends in half. I paid $1.99 for three of these trivets AKA pot holders.

Brushes can be washed using a special brush cleaner,make03 like this one from Sephora,  a cheaper route that can be used would be any shampoo but preferably, baby shampoo.

I clean my brushes once a week.  It honestly depends on the quality of your brushes as to how often you should be cleaning your brushes. I am personally in love with the Sigma makeup brushes. These brushes are great quality and last a long time when taken care of, like washing them as needed. If you wash cheaper brushes to often then you run the risk of ruining them.

20160121_165749To properly clean your brushes using your newly bought trivet “pot holder”. Drop a few drops of your cleaning solution onto your trivet. Use warm water to wet your brush then gently swish it around the trivet while the water is still running. Occasionally swish until the water runs clear off your trivet  and all the makeup has been removed from the brush. After you have washed your brush, squeeze the excess water out of it using your fingers all the while making sure you maintain the original shape of the brush.

As you can see I store my brushes in a beautiful glass container filled with black beans. This is where I dry my brushes, handle side  down .make02

The other item I find to be very important in keeping your brushes clean are baby wipes. Baby wipes  are a great way to keep your brushes fresh between washes. I always use baby wipes between washes on an almost daily basis. Baby wipes are awesome. Just a totally random thought. Seriously though, keep your brushes clean and they will last you a long time.