Increase Your Kitchen Storage With This Five Minute Project

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Getting It Done

blog10I love to organize and re-organize my kitchen every chance I get. I am always thinking, “there has to be a better, more efficient way to store all this crap”. Every cabinet is overflowing with stuff and counter tops, well, don’t get me started on counter tops. I could use an entire post on counter tops alone. I am guessing you could to. Don’t get me wrong. My kitchen stays relatively clean, I just can’t find anything.

Counter Space Help

blog01This project isn’t brain surgery nor will it be your ah ha moment but it might just help you cook smarter and give you a tad more counter space to use in the kitchen.

Let The Games Begin

blog05The hardest part of this project was finding a heat proof organizational platter of sorts that could sit safely on the stove top and take the heat.  It also needed to be the correct size to sit over two of the burners on my stove top. Boy, did I get lucky. I was dropping off some donations at my neighborhood Goodwill and decided to go in.blog07 I shop resale stores all the time. I love resale stores over any other store. Let me tell you though about the sticker shock I got at my local Goodwill. Yes, sticker shock at Goodwill. I mean the items are donated for goodness sake. I know they have overhead but wow! They should be ashamed of themselves. I have to rethink shopping there again. Salvation Army, here I come.

Thank you for listening to my rant.

blog09I did however find a stainless steel pan that would fit over my burners perfectly. It was .99 cents but only because I talked the lady behind the counter to lower the price. It was the perfect piece though, so it came home with me.


The piece I decided to use was a metal baking pan. Yes, the pan could be used as is but it was beat up and didn’t match my kitchen. So. Spray paint time. I love to spray paint. In this case I used black, specially for high heat. You have to use a specialty paint for high heat because you are using the pan next to a very hot surface. WARNING! DO NOT USE THIS PAN TO COOK ON OR TO PUT ON A FLAME OR IN THE OVEN!

I took the pan outside and sprayed both sides and waited until it dried. After the sheet dried it was ready to be used.

The Final Product

blog11The pan can be used on the stove on top of the two burners on the stove top. I place ingredients I am going to need to cook with on the pan so they are all right there organized in arms reach when needed.

Aside from cooking ingredients, you can use it to hold utensils or anything really that needs storage. I am so pleased that I decided to take on this little project because the extra counter space really comes in handy!

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