Invigorating A Wreath Into A Christmas Wreath

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wreath08We all know that a fun part of Christmas is putting a wreath up on the front door. It is in my house, at least. We all also know that wreaths can be very expensive, so why not get a longer use out of it. I realized that I can buy a wreath in the Fall, and with a few quick changes make it appropriate for the Christmas season as well.wreath04
I paid $7.00 for a Fall type wreath at one of my favorite stores, Tuesday Morning. As you can see, it was a great Fall wreath the way it was. But… It needed a pick me up for the Christmas season.
All it took to magically change this wreath was a few ornaments I had on hand already.wreath07 I pulled the main pumpkin off the original wreath using a wire cutter. I replaced the pumpkin with a bundle of ornaments I glued together using a hot glue gun.
There were gold hues running through the wreath so I used gold ornaments with an accent brown color strategically placed around the wreath. wreath12
The funny thing about creating a Christmas wreath, is that all you need to make a boring Fall wreath fun is a little glitter and bright colors to accent the piece.
I finished gluing a few more ornaments on the wreath spread about the wreath and Waa Laa it was ready for my Christmas door.wreath11
The entire project took me about 10 minutes to complete the new look.
Keep an eye out for my next  up cycled  round Christmas wreath.


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