Rad Bedroom Re-Do on a Budget, Getting Started-Part One

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How To Get Started

In my case getting started was easy because the room that was being re-done is my teenage daughter’s room and well, she knew what she wanted to do already. She wants to go from what she currently has, seen throughout the pictures to a Chanel themed room. So what I am saying is that it is important that you first pick a theme or a color pallet to work with first before you get started re-doing anything.

Now What Do I Do Now That I Have My Theme

r01Chanel is very upscale and glamorous. They also use black, white coloring as well as stripes to pull the Chanel  theme together. I needed to take a complete inventory of what items I had on hand that could be used. I will save a lot of money by re-using materials I already own.r06 I also suggest making a list of items that need to get done to make your vision a reality.r04

My To Do List

r06I need to decide whether or not to re-use the furniture she already owns. Since I am on a budget the answer was definitely ,yes I will re-use her current furniture. I had to think about art for the walls as well as colors to use on what items. I highly suggest you go to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, Savers or any other resale shop near your house to start getting creative. Look outside the box. Look at items in a new way. Ask yourself, “Can that be painted.” Is there another intended purpose I can use this item for? BE CREATIVE! It’s your chance to be cheap, creative and think outside the box. You will be so pleased with your outcome.r10

Use of Space

r13This needs to definitely be mentioned. How is your space being used currently and can it be re-arranged to suit your purposes more efficiently?  Can it suit your needs differently? In my case I moved the bed to the opposite wall of the room and it changed the entire dynamics of the bedroom.r16


r17Once you have an idea of your theme and the items you have and need to purchase, you can go ahead and lay out the projects that need to be completed to finish out your space. In my space, for example my project list would look like this:

Find oops paint in a lavender grey to paint the walls and paint the walls.

Look for black and white bedding for a designer look (Done)

Paint boxes bought at Goodwill in black, white and striped black and white

Paint the inside of letter J light up black

Print out famous quotes by Coco Chanel, then take them to Kinko’s to be sized for picture frame collage

Paint large mirror we already own either white or black or white with a black wax overlay

I think you get the gist of what I am talking about. Because I am re-shaping this room on a very tight budget I am also painting the furniture with oops cabinet paint I found in black. Don’t get discouraged. Rome was not built in a day and your room transformation will take time. You are saving yourself a ton of money. Remember that as well as the results will be fantastic if  you take your time.

r13So far in my teen bedroom makeover, I have rearranged some of the furniture. More will be rearranged as it is transformed into another color. I picked out the bedding for the re-do and I have laid out my up coming projects. This room will take a while to complete but I can’t wait for the finished reveal.

Stay with me each week as we get farther along in the room re-decorating process.

r17FYI, painting the walls this weekend is my first major undertaking in the transformation.

I can’t wait to hear and see what room y’all are going to re-do on a budget.

P.S. This room is very large and I tried to get picture’s from many angle’s.

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