Sure Fire Way To Get Wax Out of Carpet

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wax07Very recently my daughter picked up one of those round candles you burn in a container for fragrance and while it was still cooling  turned it on it’s side and wax spilled all over my new carpet.
She is 18 and very curious about everything and is constantly touching everything. I am sure you know the type of person I am talking about. Well, in this case her curiosity meant wax on my new carpet.wax00
I read somewhere that if you freeze wax, it will pop right off the carpet. Guess what not true. All that did was make the wax wet and a little hardened.wax04wax05
I was beside myself until I remembered that all I  needed was two household items to get the wax completely out of my carpet and return it to new. An iron and some paper towels. Could it really be this easy? I had nothing to loose as the wax already was ruining the carpet so I dove right in.wax06
I started by heating up the iron to the highest setting. I lay the paper toweling down over the wax and using circular motions ironed over the paper towel.wax09 Be very careful not to leave the iron in one place. Make sure the iron is constantly on the move and on the paper towel. At some points I just used the tip of the iron.wax06
It worked! Every piece of the wax on the carpet came up on the paper towel. I had brand new wax free carpet!

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